Dušica Dražić, Wim Janssen

Visite Filmfestival (expo)

‘Seaside’ (2020, loop, 16 mm film, colour, mute) - Dušica Dražić

“Take a new ballpoint pen. The most simple one. The cheapest one. The most common one. Draw a line until the pen is empty. The length of the line is equal to the distance from the chair you are sitting in to the seaside,” said a teacher to his students somewhere in Belgium.

I took a new ballpoint pen. The most simple one. The cheapest one. The most common one. I drew a line until the pen was empty.

I needed an office desk, a chair and a lamp. Materials I used were paper, a ballpoint pen and a ruler. A repetitive task was performed. After two months, many hours later, the work was finished.

While drawing a line I remembered my childhood. Those carefree summer days spent at the Adriatic seaside with my parents and my grandma. Friends that I would meet on the first day of arrival. Heat. Taste of salt. Smell of sunscreen. Wizened fingertips. Hedgehogs in the garden.

While drawing a line I daydreamed about the seaside. Teaching my son to swim. Picking ripe figs on the way to the beach. The pleasant shock in my body when I dive into the sea for the first time.

While drawing a line I was thinking what I need to do to be able to go to the seaside.

‘Charlemagne’ (2021, 16mm film loop, colour, 10’, Prepared piano, pluche screen) - Wim Janssen

"For “Charlemagne” a 16mm film was recorded in the studio of visual artist and musician Charlemagne Palestine. The camera softly floats through his colourful installations of stuffed animals, scarves and musical instruments. As the film progresses, the camera moves slowly become more disorienting, trapping the viewer in a confusing, but fluffy world. During projection, the filmstrip leaves the projector and runs through a prepared piano, stroking the strings as a bow. The film itself thus creates its own soundtrack, reminiscent of Palestines musical compositions."

Artists: Dušica Dražić, Wim Janssen