Serban Ionescu

Visitors II

Visitors II is an extension of Serban Ionescu's previous solo exhibition at Everyday Gallery. The show is reinterpreted with a new curation.

Serban Ionescu’s (b.1984, Romania) work spans across sculpture, painting, design and architecture. With his distinctive lines which emerge from his drawing practice, vibrant use of color and cartoonish gestures. Serban infuses his works with anthropomorphic shapes and a constant intuitive play on shifting scale and form. Serban has presented solo shows in New York at R & Company, Larrie Gallery, and in Antwerp, Belgium, at Everyday Gallery.

With ‘Visitors’ Ionescu presents us with a series of colorful cut-out abstract paintings, faux-aged mirrors in an organic wooden frame, a wooden chair of almost three meters high, and a smaller series of sculptures. In the mirrors, chair, and sculptures, Ionescu combines the easily recognizable shapes and functionality of everyday designer objects with more organic, almost animal- or human-like shapes.

Artists: Serban Ionescu