Serban Ionescu


Upcoming solo 'Visitors' by Serban Ionescu

Brussels based artist Serban Ionescu (b. 1984, Ploiesti, Romania) holds a Bachelor Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He has taught Architecture design studio at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY from 2010-2016. His work has been published in Dwell Magazine, New York Times and other publications. Ionescu's work has been the subject of four solo exhibitions in New York.

With his drawings in space, Serban Ionescu blurs the boundary between design and sculpture into a line one can inhabit. Ionescu’s work stems primarily from the automatic act of drawing. These instinct based gestures leave the artist with piles of drawings to sift through and further decipher into collages. Cartoonish limbs are pasted together to create a greater anthropomorphic form. The finished figure is translated into three dimensional space via several methods such as CNC water jet or plasma cut steel, powder coating, and sometimes upholstery. Every aspect of Ionescu’s drawings are captured into the sculptural work, from the loose edge mark-making to the vibrant pops of color. Limbs are emphasized as shaky, creeping, and slanted entities that ground these constructs into being.

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