Sofie Middernacht I Maarten Alexander


Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander, an artist duo that already made name in the world of fashion photography, now present a personal series.
Their current work – 'Vulnerable Dimensions’ – opens on 27 January at Antwerp's Ingrid Deuss Gallery.
The series consists of fragile and intimate portraits that insist on more than one look.
'Vulnerable Dimensions' is about choices and the challenges we face when making them. Arranged in a series of four, these portraits highlight the individuality of single subject, but each is slightly different from the next. When the viewer is presented with such similar option, working out which is 'best' is a task with no obvious solution.
The process of judgement is further complicated here because each can only be viewed from a right angle, fading to black if seen from any other perspective. As an arrangement the series is an inverse panopticon, obscured in a way that underlines the fugitive nature in which choices often present themselves.
The vehicle that makes this narrative of choice possible is a technical innovation on the medium. Multiple layers of clear high gloss UV epoxy resin and a final one of black acrylic gloss make the print visible only from a certain perspective. As viewer, you are forced to loo the portrait right in the eye, resulting in a unique, bewildering viewing experience.

Artists: Sofie Middernacht I Maarten Alexander