Emilie Terlinden

Waiting for the Sun

DMW Gallery is proud to present 'Waiting for the Sun', the first solo exhibition by the Belgian painter Emilie Terlinden.

'I am waiting for the sun to shine through my north-east windows to take pictures of cut-out reproductions of works by Rombouts, Veronese and De Vos. The direct light points on their glowy surfaces, overexposing certain parts that I will interpret through painting. Colors disappear and white appears, containing all colors. Under gray skies and windy clouds, I have been waiting for glimpses of light, weeks and hours, minutes and seconds.'

The mystifying paintings of Emilie Terlinden (°1983, BE) emerge through a careful selection of images from the Renaissance and objects from her everyday environment. Though the images remain recognizable to the viewer as references to a specific era, a series of careful manipulations makes them entirely the artist’s own. Before being given their fixed place on the canvas, the images are transformed by being folded, alienating them from their original form. These interventions strip the subjects of their familiar historical context and promote them to the protagonists in a new, sophisticated staged spectacle.

Artists: Emilie Terlinden

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