Stephanie Lamoline

We Get Along So Well

Collages, cuts, copies, scans... Stephanie Lamoline's work unfolds through gestures consisting in deconstructing things and reassembling them.

It is a process that aims to fragment, to dissociate, but also to reveal the possibilities hidden in the object and to transcend it beyond its contextual characteristics.

Repetitive and deliberate gestures coming from an ordered world, mixed with free experimentation and fluid improvisation, invite us to deepen our view and to let go of any preconceived idea of the flat image. Within this proces she seeks to find a balance between theephemerality of the depicted objects and the illusory aspect of the pictorial space.

This aspect is very clear in the images where the studio shows up and where the centrality of the self is confronted to the image made. The physical parameters of the workspace delimitate her playground and define the circle wherein she endlessly transforms and rebuilds.

Artists: Stephanie Lamoline

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