Rema Ghuloum

When The Day Is Done

de boer (Antwerp) is delighted to present ‘When The Day is Done’, the European debut solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Rema Ghuloum. Rema Ghouloum’s abstractions reflect on the past, but are present. They have a pulse - rising and falling, floating through time, a day, a night, a memory, a vision.

Ghuloum’s paintings are made in stages, starting on the ground where Ghuloum pours, splatter’s and presses paint onto the canvas each composition develops slowly through glazing, sanding, all while preserving the history of each layer. The paintings reflect on the energy of light, invoking familiarity, creating space for the viewer to consider light and operating as a vehicle for inner transmutation via the medium of observation. The depth of the colors and its abstraction can be viewed as a representation of the visuals one has when you close your eyes in deep meditation. They are in fact always “becoming”. The expressions ask for intimacy and invite you to get to know each other.

In Prayer For Spring (2024), the colors are intertwined and in dialogue with each other, forming a sort of synchronization where contrats confirm the presence of the other. Patterns repeat - unrecognizable to the eye, but deeply familiar to the body. Echoing mountains that move like waves, or clouds that look like oceans, they shift between states of being. Color is the source. A spectrum of sensations that expand and contract, breathing deeply, chanting, humming, weeping, formless, awareness. They feel everything at once.

Los Angeles-based Rema Ghuloum was born in 1978 in North Hollywood, CA. Ghuloum's work will be the subject of a solo exhibition at de boer, Antwerp, and at Philip Martin Gallery in 2024. Recent institutional projects include those at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, and Forest Lawn Museum, Los Angeles, CA. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Sargent's Daughters, New York, NY; Taymore Grahne Projects, London, UK; Nathalie Karg, New York, NY; The Pit, Los Angeles, CA; Baik Gallery, Seoul, Korea; Et al. San Francisco, CA; Emma Grey HQ, Los Angeles, CA; Edward Cella Gallery. Los Angeles, CA; Make Room, Los Angeles, Odd Ark LA, Los Angeles, CA; and Mother Gallery, Beacon, NY. works Ghuloum's work is included in the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts Works on Paper Collection at the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco, CA. Ghuloum's work has been reviewed in ArtForum, Hyperallergic, CARLA, Los Angeles Times, Jesus Christ!, Fabrik, and LA Weekly.

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