12.03.2021–12.06.2021 Wild Blue Yonder Newchild

Taylor Anton White, Antonia Rodrian, Kristian Touborg, Madeleine Bialke, Ella Mcveigh

'Nostalgia for the future is a feeling of longing for something that has not happened yet.' - Madeleine Bialke

Newchild is pleased to present 'Wild Blue Yonder', a group show featuring works by Taylor Anton White, Antonia Rodrian, Kristian Touborg, Madeleine Bialke and Ella Mcveigh which will be paired with a selection of historic photographs from NASA's golden age (1940s-1970s) and meteorites. The exhibition brings together a group of artists who, each in their own way, are creating a body of work that attempts to overcome the challenges of being an artist in an a-temporal cultural climate whilst being faced with asynchronous communication forms. In their efforts to do so, the artists in Wild Blue Yonder are creating images for the future's present, the art works in the exhibition think about what to tell the future about how the world is now.

Wild Blue Yonder explores notions of the past, the present and the future through a window of otherworldy and dreamlike realities. It investigates the idea of a nostalgia for the future, the concept of future relics whilst at the same time inverting notions of time and longing.


12 March 2021, 13-18h