Wim Catrysse: Showing Presence

Wim Catrysse’s Showing Presence presents a series of nocturnal photographs and video testimonies made during his three-month residency in Palestine in the spring of 2019. The residency was organized by AAIR in collaboration with the municipality of Ramallah in the context of the exchange project Everyday Forms of Resistance.

In order to capture the hidden acrobatic flight of giant bats, Catrysse used a flash, making them stand out in the nighttime environment. As the only flying mammals, bats are for many people and in many places a symbol of fear. In Palestine more particularly, the local population connects them to the Israeli occupation forces, who roam the streets at night and are therefore often called “the bats”.

Due to the corona measures, we can only accommodate four visitors at a time. Make sure to sign up for your preferred time slot and bring your face mask.

Opening during Borger: Friday 22.01.2021, 18:00–22:00
Exhibition: Open every day between 23.01–31.01.2021, 14:00–18:00