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Artwork of the month

Once a month, in a one-minute video, Robbert&Frank present one of their artworks. They have been doing this for four years now, consistently - forty-eight videos. The videos are shared through a newsletter and social media. They form a lightweight ongoing digital exhibition accessible to everyone.

The fourth anniversary of this digital collection is the occasion for their second physical presentation at Fred&Ferry. This passage takes the form of a self-proclaimed residency. So don't expect a brushed-off show, but a working studio.

The time has come for a state of mind. What image do we get of Frank&Robbert's work through these video clips? Is it representative of their diverse art practice? Is a common thread discernible? And if so, where does it lead us?

The artists will examine this together with the visitors of the gallery and in conversation with various 'special guests'.

During the residency, Robbert&Frank will enter into dialogue with each other through large-scale drawings and sketches - a somewhat unusual medium for these multimedia artists. In addition, they will set up a provisional film studio in the gallery.

Special guests are invited to play along with R&F F&R and make a "guest appearance" in newly created "Artwork of the month" films. As a visitor, you are also invited to become part of this process and determine the flux of this residency.

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