22.10.2019–26.10.2019 Workshop by Gluklya Kunsthal Extra City

GLUKLYA Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya

Gluklya is a co-founder of the artist collective ‘The Factory of Found Clothes’. In her participative projects she uses clothing as a tool for drawing parallels between art and daily life. Clothing thus becomes an aid in facilitating communication with communities outside the art world. In her project ‘Utopian Unemployment Union’ (2012-) she encourages self- organisation and the mixing of different social groups who usually wouldn’t come into contact with each other.

In October 2019 Gluklya will spend a month in Antwerp. During her AAIR residency she will give a five-day workshop at Kunsthal Extra City as part of ‘Family Fictions’. During this workshop she will invite participants to join her in search of new meanings for the concept of ‘family’. In what ways can we come to understand love, family ties and chosen family in the society of today? Can we rethink our relationships with nature, animals and material possessions such as clothing and furniture?

The workshop is free for everyone and will take place from Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 October at Kunsthal Extra City. If you’re interested, please register before 16 October by sending us an email (vanbuylaere.charlotte@gmail.com) or giving us a call (+32 485 87 09 97).

Gluklya’s workshop is a collaboration between Kunsthal Extra City, AAIR and CCQO (The Culture Commons Quest Office, University of Antwerp)

Language English