Wouter Feyaerts

Wouter Feyaerts | Heartbeat Box

'Water to the sea
Salt on the wound
And a bassline for the heart'

The exhibition 'Heartbeat Box' offers an exploration of comfort and normality. With this exhibition, Wouter Feyaerts creates a fascinating journey through a landscape of emotions. The artist has transformed everyday materials into monuments of tranquility and reflection, turning even the most ordinary object into a source of comfort. He knows how to capture the painful aspects of life and transforms them into images that are both confrontational and healing. It's as if he brings water to the sea, facing the raw reality of winning and losing while offering a source of hope.

His sculptures evoke a sense of transience, but at the same time also of resilience and renewal. Each piece in this wonder chamber of emotions tells a story of loss and discovery, of saying goodbye and starting over. All in all, 'Heartbeat Box' offers a profound yet accessible experience for visitors of all backgrounds. This exhibition is an invitation to take a moment to reflect on the everyday and find beauty in the most unexpected places.

Artists: Wouter Feyaerts