Wybrand Ganzevoort 'Wybrands Ways of Seeing'

Wybrand Ganzevoort (°1930), co-founder and participant of G58 - ‘Group 58’, with between 1958 and 1962 in the Hessenhuis in Antwerp expositions such as Anti-peinture and Vision in Motion, and in 1963 in Frankfurt-am-Main together with group ZERO the exposition Europäische Avantgarde, shows here work from this period, but also what is been brought afterwards up to this day.
His work is mainly non-figurative, as well geometric as poetic as playful.
A lot of works are made of wood, of and upon paper (hand-made or industrial) or cardboard. Earlier he used also materials as polyester, plaster, ceramic, concrete and metal (wire-structures and ‘Corten-steel’).
By folding, cutting, tearing, perforating, stamping, blind-blocking, drawing, painting, collage etc., questions as ‘positive and negative’ and ‘before and behind’ are treated on his own and playful way.
With modules, whether self-designed or not, two- or three-dimensional, geometric or for example with types and numerals, he explores interesting possibilities of combinations, constructions, structures, puzzles, patterns and configurations which sometimes are organic.
‘Ruimte, Ritme, Richting’ (‘Space, Rhythm, Direction’ - in Dutch you have the three ‘R’s) is enclosed a continually present guide-line.
Always at first there is the experiment and the pleasure of discovering.

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