Zoë Field (Trust Issues) & Katinka de Jonge (Collection of Doubts)

Zoë Field presents new works made in response to her residency at AAIR, which took place over the course of the pandemic lockdown. Katinka de Jonge presents a new sound installation and publication inspired by her residency at Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Colombia, which happened precisely one year ago.

In “Trust Issues”, Zoë Field reflects on the idea of who and what can be trusted. She will show drawings, found imagery and photos made during her residency, as well as cast resin sculptures. Visual motifs such as the duck and the Bialetti coffee maker are figured into allegorical relationships, interpreting tensions between human, animal and machine.

In “Collection of Doubts”, Katinka de Jonge brings together sounds, words, and sentences taken from the many encounters and conversations she had while residing in Lugar a Dudas, which is Spanish for “place to doubt”. A polyphony of voices will resound from speakers handcrafted from gourds—a popular instrument in Pacific music—challenging us to consider how meaning changes along with the given context.

Zoë Field was born in 1990 in the United States and lives and works in Berlin. Katinka de Jonge was born in 1989 in Amsterdam and lives and works in Ghent. Katinka de Jonge’s work was produced in partnership with Werktank, Leuven, and Overtoon, Brussels.

Due to the corona measures, we can only accommodate four visitors at a time. Make sure to sign up for your preferred time slot here and bring your face mask.

Opening: Friday 23.10.2020, 18:00—21:00
Exhibition: 24.10—01.11.2020, 14:00—18:00
Antwerp Art Nocturne: Saturday 31.10.2020, 12:00—21:00