De Wael 15

Originally launched as a platform for emerging artists in 2015, the gallery has become a venue for discovering new talented artists. Art Gallery De Wael 15 hosts a vast variety of contemporary art exhibitions of the most prominent forms of visual art and creative media. The gallery is showing 8 exhibitions a year and also publishes catalogues and editions in collaborations with the artists.

Artists: Charlie De Voet, Yvan Derwéduwé, Kristel Van Ballaer, Steven Peters Carabello, Stefan Annerel, Stephanie Leblon, Rudy Lanjouw, Michel Dewindt, Martha Scheeren, Naser Kianersi, Luc Gees, Dirk Vandereecken, Jaak Neve, Yvonne Mostard, Alessandra Ruyten.

Current & upcoming events at De Wael 15