Eva Steynen Gallery

Since 2013 Eva Steynen Gallery has been supporting and promoting contemporary artists with a strong conceptual and visual vocabulary. The gallery has a multi-disciplinary approach and works closely with a small group of emerging national and international artists. 

Situated in a 19th century town house, the gallery's objective is to show, support and promote the artists represented by the gallery, in a more informal context. The annual group exhibitions give the occasion to discover new artists.

The gallery presents five or six exhibitions per season, with an annual program of solo, duo and more thematic group exhibitions, performances, artist editions and talks. The represented artists are also supported in the production of occasionally publications or catalogues. Each year Eva Steynen Gallery participates at several international art fairs to promote the gallery artists on a more international scene.

The aim of Eva Steynen Gallery is to build a sustainable trust-based relation between artists and gallerist and collectors and 'to grow well together'. Eva Steynen combines the commercial aspects of a gallery in the contemporary art market and the more experimental artistic positions, not always easy to categorize. Hence Eva Steynen Gallery distinguishes itself by rather risk-taking and curatorial shows often with a museal character.

Currently the gallery represents Diane Bogaerts, Nel Bonte, Christine Clinckx, Benoît Felix, Alice Janne, Johannes Ulrich Kubiak, Wannes Lecompte, Fred Michiels, Robert Soroko, Ken'ichiro Taniguchi, Jan Verbruggen.
Eva Steynen Gallery is a member of Antwerp Art, B.U.P., and co-organizer of BORGER_Nocturnes, a dynamic group of galleries and art institutions in the Borgerhout and Zurenborg districts of Antwerp.