MORPHO is an organisation dedicated to artistic development, by creating space for artists and durably supporting their work. We provide working space to more than 200 artists in Antwerp and organise on an international residency programme with prominent partners. Annually we host about twenty artists and researchers in residence from Belgium and abroad, with whom we build lasting relationships and trajectories.

As a studio provider, we rent out workspaces across fourteen buildings in and around the city. Through a visitors programme for curators and open studios for a wider audience, we highlight the artistic practices in our network, from visual artists and writers to designers and furniture makers. Our team is committed to keeping the spaces well maintained and affordable. We also actively participate in debates regarding studio policy.

As an artist residency, we organise different types of residencies for artists based in Belgium and from abroad, focusing on development, exchange and research. The artistic programme has a cyclical approach, with a new open call and focus every eighteen months, which is shaped in conversation with the residents and guests involved. Residents receive financial, practical and curatorial support to develop their work in an environment that encourages critical dialogue and artistic experimentation.