Ode de Kort


Ode de Kort (°1992) considers the letters O and U as consistent collaborators in her work, but much more than just letters, they’re companions in thinking, practicing and performing. By practicing and training with these characters, they generate (typo)graphic, performative and linguistic questions. Through a continuous movement between photography, installation, video, performance and text, de Kort’s practice becomes a way to test the making and deciphering of meaning. In that process, the relation between language and the formation of the self is shifted.

Her long-term artistic involvement with O en U results in an extensive vocabulary, a language that is constantly in flux. The synchronization of body and language continues through her solo project A ST'OCK(ING) OF F'OOT N'OTES, in which a series of new collaborators is presented (including black rubber boots, commas, socks, ...). Like a dodge at the bottom of the page, different "footnotes" move around the space. They make small remarks and – like commas – they hold an embodied pause and/or breath.

A central idea in this exhibition is 'exercise', certain works will interact with each other during the whole period of the exhibition. This will create a synergy between two exhibition rooms: a studio or rehearsal room (Houten Zaal at de Warande) and a mirror room or reflection room (Luifelzaal at de Warande). This way, the exhibition finds itself somewhere in between exercise and presentation.

Artists: Ode de Kort

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