Antonina Baever – Let’s not pretend this is art

Antonina Baever - Let’s not pretend this is art
Saturday 03.12.2022

MORPHO is pleased to present a performative reading by current resident Antonina Baever during this year’s Antwerp Art Nocturne. Antonina will deliver their autofiction writings with elements of stand-up comedy, after nine months of silence in the territory of art.

Formerly based in Moscow, Antonina’s multidisciplinary practice explored the cracks in current affairs until it became impossible to stay safe and express any critical position. Nearing the end of their three-month residency period, they return with a sharp analysis of what is happening in a new and unusual form of direct contact with the audience.

When asked what to expect, Antonina says “It’s everything in bits: it’s political, it’s personal, it’s slightly site-specific, it’s a bit decolonial, it’s somehow mine and sometimes yours, and even if it’s somewhat funny, there is a bitterness to it that I won’t try to sugarcoat.”

19:00 – Part 1: WHY?
19:30 – Break: two cigarettes-long
20:00 – Part 2: THAT’S WHY

MORPHO (The Refectory)
Entrance via Kunsthal Extra City (Provinciestraat 112). Cross the church and garden and you'll find us.

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