Arab Cartoon Festival

On October 6th, de Warande will launch the second Arab Cartoon Festival. This annual festival aims to bridge the gap between cartoonists from the Arab world and Belgian society. This year's theme is 'Cracks in Society / Barsten in de Samenleving'.

'Cracks in Society' invites the visitor to fill the 'cracks' with sarcasm to put a smile on everyone's face. The Arab Cartoon Festival is organized by Omnes Vzw in cooperation with the Warande and is supported by the City of Turnhout and Moussem vzw.

The center of the festival is the exhibition with fifty cartoons, which are sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic. They show how people from the Middle East and Northern Africa feel and interpret humor. In six short films, cartoonists and people from their environment tell about their artwork, their themes and their life as a cartoonist.

You can draw a character or message yourself and share it with the world. And you get a unique opportunity to dress in the typical and modern costume of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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