11.12.2021–12.02.2022 Archive 2022 Coppejans Gallery

Denmark, Nico Dockx, Jan Henderikse, Laurence Petrone, Wim Nival

With this group exhibition Coppejans Gallery brings together several artists who in one way or another can be linked to the philosophical aspects of the archive as a theme. At the same time it is the announcement of a new permanent collaboration with Denmark and the creation of our second Gallery Box by Nico Dockx. During the exhibition Coppejans Gallery will make a solo stand of Jan Henderikse at the art fair The Solo Project in Brussels under the title 'Recects'. On the first day of the exhibition, Laurence Petrone will give a short performance. Ook Wim Nival zal dan aanwezig zijn.


Opening: Saturday 11 December

from 13:00 to 17:30
continuous reception
meeting the artists present (Nico Dockx, Laurence Petrone and Wim Nival)

short introduction by Stijn Coppejans
performance 'klankkkkkast' by Laurence Petrone
presentation of the GalleryBox 21/22 by Nico Dockx