Apparatus 22


Starting from the Borger Nocturne on March 25, ART IS WORK by Apparatus 22 will be exhibited at Kunsthal Extra City. ART IS WORK has the Tuta as a starting point, a workman suit designed as a utopian garment for all people, for all situations, affordable, easy to sew and cut with minimal fabric wastage.

ART IS WORK proposes ways in which art, politics, and economics could make use of fashion and clothing to build utopian programs. Apparatus 22 offers a new use and a new mission for the Tuta. In their hands, the suit becomes a tool to make visible and publicly discuss labour dynamics prevalent in the art sphere, which are oftentimes based on (self-)exploitation, as well as a level of precariousness that escapes oversight.

The recognition of remuneration of the labour of artists and curators — or, more often, the lack of this recognition and its quantification — becomes the central theme in two sets of statement-uniforms exhibited at Kunsthal Extra City till June 26.

During the opening of Made in X and To the Bone, February 4, Apparatus 22 provided a live performance, in which they interacted with the audience and questioned them about the fair practice theme.

(photos: © Sebastiaan Franco)

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