Artist Talk - Henri Jacobs

Visual artist Henri Jacobs has been living and working in Brussels since 1993. Various small- and large-scale art projects belong to his oeuvre, such as a brick mosaic façade with four different colours of brick in the Melis Stokelaan in The Hague. Since December 2003 Henri has been continuously drawing. In these drawings he exploits himself as a sort of image bank. Small things he observes throughout the day, geometric patterns, abstract and figurative thoughts, ideas about image and surface: anything can serve as inspiration for these drawings, which can sometimes touch upon important topics such as global warming, global wars or global finance.

His paintings and drawings have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Tilburg, New York, Paris and Venice.

In his Artist Talk he will discuss four art residencies in which he participated since 2014. These art residencies took place in Calcutta (India), Kasterlee (Belgium), Arita (Japan) and Oisterwijk (the Netherlands).

Saturday 10th of November, 11 am.
Admission is free.