Artist Talk: Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers lives and works in Brussels. Born into a working-class Afrikaans family during the height of Apartheid, Geers quickly found himself fighting on the front lines for a better, more humane world. Because of his experience as a revolutionary he is sometimes described as a political artist. Kendell Geers is best known for using a variety of materials that signal danger such as sirens, broken glass and barbed wire. With these elements, Geers examines power structures, social injustices, and establishment values. Geers has worked with different media ranging from objects to large scale installation, neon works, performances, video and print. Language - and its coding, reinterpretation and given meaning by positions of power - plays a challenging, subversive role in Geers' work as well.

During his Artist Talk Geers will elaborate on how print is connected to his own art practice. Afropunk at the Frans Masereel Centre!

Admission is free.

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