Bart Vandevijvere en Birte Horn

The expression of these two artists refers not to a specific fact but to a process by which you are taken into their world of calculated uncertainty and varying materiality.
Their work sits between the contours of abstract color zones and spatial dimensions, always bringing with it a captivating distortion of space.

In the world of Bart Vandevijvere, you fall under the spell of the joy of painting.
Each work is organically built from paint and brought to an open composition without outlining a particular visual scenario beforehand.
Each work materializes between the drying time of the various layers of paint and textures, which are sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque, strongly accentuated or, on the contrary, removed. The paintings are provoked coincidences that he uncovers and makes the most of during his search.
This leads to surfaces as arenas within which the friction between geometry and lyricism, delay and dynamism is blindly allowed and always in an interactive game. These dynamics are bathed in the spirit of contemporary music and jazz: his unquestionable allies ‘in search of the plot’.

For Birte Horn, it is impossible to stick to a holistic perception of reality. Therefore, she focuses on the principle of deconstruction and construction in her work. Birte deconstructs, fragments and assembles - in thought, with the eyes, the hands, language.
The thoughts and images in her head are free to move in all directions, they slide over each other, forming new ideas all the time. That means a lot of freedom.
Surface is a big theme for Birte Horn - it is the counterpart of space, but surface is also a fragment, a complement to and a withdrawal from space, a promise to space.
Surface is surface, it is guided, it is independent, it is random, it is sensual, shiny, matte, streaky, it is sexy.

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