Rik Moens

Extra Muros: Book launch Rik Moens at M.D.D.

Museum D'Hondt Dhaenens (M.D.D. Sint Martens Latem (BE) presents two consecutive presentations of new publications by artists Rik Moens and Maaike Schoorel.
Both artists have previously exhibited at MDD - Rik Moens in 1996 and Schoorel in 2020,
14:00 - 15:30: Rik Moens: Eccstatic - (MER.B&L, design studio Luc Derycke): welcome at a vivid conversation between Ory Dessau (art historian, writer), Rik Moens the artist and Thibaut Verhoeven (scientific researcher collection SMAK, Ghent), moderated by Bart Cassiman (art historian, freelance-curator, art critic).
In collaboration with Annie Gentils Gallery
15:30 - 17:00: Maaike Schoorel: Vera/Icon(Nai010 Publishers, design Goda Budvytyte)Melissa Gordon and Maaike Schoorel in conversation, moderated by Antony Hudek. In cooperation with Mendes Wood DM

Artists: Rik Moens

Also happening at Extra Muros: Book launch Rik Moens at M.D.D.