Klaas Rommelaere, Manon Kündig

'Cadavre Exquis'


‘Cadavre Exquis’ is the latest entry in the series of duo exhibitions curated by DMW Gallery, in which a selected artist invites another artist for a dialogue. For this duo expo, Klaas Rommelaere invites Manon Kündig for an act of unconscious collaboration.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the surrealist practice of an unplanned, gradual construction of a group composition where one participant contributes without knowledge of the previous steps of others, and without following specific preconceived rules or methods. 

Applying this mindset to their collaboration, Klaas Rommelaere and Manon Kündig craft a duo exhibition from a varied mix of media and approaches, combining them into a single work of art. Compositions are developed in horizontal sequences contributed by both artists, creating a grouping of images collectively assembled.

Every piece of the exhibition has come about as a combination of the skills developed by Klaas and Manon. Klaas makes embellished textiles with embroidery on cotton and finishings like curtains and tapestries. Manon crafts figurative slabs of terrazzo with concrete and up-cycled broken natural stones. 

Both artistic approaches are reminiscent of decorative acts. The result depicts figures that lie in waiting, which nowadays is all we appear to do. A reference to waiting non-spaces like office lobbies and airports, where time does not exist and you can disappear into an anonymous no man’s land. 

A state of non-being.

Artists: Klaas Rommelaere, Manon Kündig