Bert Villa


The work Carbon by Bert Villa is set up in our monastery garden. This installation is composed of heating elements and will be activated every Sunday from February to May at 15h to give some warmth during spring. The work shapes a new temporal microcosmos around fire. Vitruvius Pollio famously narrated a myth in the first century B.C.E. on the origins of society: isolated people gathered for the first time around the heat of dying forest fires. From this first gathering emerged human language, political institutions and permanent shelters.

Next to this weekly activation, informal meetings around the burning stove will be programmed. We thus return to one of the first functions of fire, that of an instrument for social interaction.

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Practical info
→ No reservation required.
→ Every Sunday, from 15:00 until the fire dies out.
→ Free admission with your Kunsthal Extra City ticket, which can be purchased at the reception desk.

Artists: Bert Villa

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