Carole Vanderlinden


In September de Warande presents the solo exhibition ‘UPPERCUT’ by Carole Vanderlinden. This artist brings together a quirky painterly oeuvre. Her works are alternately figurative and abstract. She often combines both within one work. Her typical color palette is an attractive combination of saturated and unsaturated colors. It evokes many associations. You recognize colors from Eastern European cartoons, from old children's books, but also from exotic textiles or old paintings.

In this solo exhibition, Carole Vanderlinden shows a combination of older and more recent paintings, a number of which will be on display for the first time. Her drawings never shown before also receive ample attention.

You chose "UPPERCUT" as the title for your show. What does that title mean to you?
CVDL: The title of my exhibition refers to the way I paint. UPPERCUT refers to art as a boxing match. When I am in my studio, my canvas and I look at each other from the corners of our eyes. I am ready. I am waiting for the right moment to lash out.

What do you want to say with your paintings?
CVDL: I am convinced - with the words of Madame de Staël - that" those who do not really like painting attach great importance to the meaning of paintings.
“A painter is no longer a painter when he starts speaking. I do not meet people's needs for explanations or concepts. They are looking for confirmation, but art is not a confirmation. Art shows us what we are looking for. ”

On what do you base the choice of the works that you will show in de Warande?
CVDL: I find it very exciting to make that choice. For me, the drawings and the paintings are the main thing. I don't want extensive scenography. My choice is based primarily on the tension that I want to create between the paintings themselves. I don't follow a chronology. I want to bring old and recent works together and see what that encounter yields. My choice will only be finalized in the room itself at the accrochage. ”

Artists: Carole Vanderlinden

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