Ama Koranteng-Kumi

Conversation Ama Koranteng-Kumi

During the weekly activation of the Carbon installation in the monastery garden, informal gatherings are occasionally scheduled. This way we return to one of the first functions of fire, namely that of an instrument for social interaction.

Sunday April 3 at 15:00 we receive Ama Koranteng-Kumi in the monastery garden for a conversation about her initiative Bloei & Groei.

Ama Koranteng-Kumi is founder & director of Bloei & Groei (2014), a pioneering initiative for an alternative neighbourhood-oriented approach to (mental) health, women's empowerment and well-being. At the end of 2021, Ama and Tinne Langens founded Mino Artspace in Antwerp, where they want to realize the first Bloei & Groei community roof garden.

This conversation coincides nicely with the Plantweekend at Provinciestraat of the non profit organisation Klimplant, of which Kunsthal Extra City is a partner and in which we take an active role. During this Plantweekend, Provinciestraat will be transformed from a 'Street Canyon' into a 'Green Valley' by making as much greening interventions as possible. Existing tree sections will be tackled or enlarged where possible and facade gardens, climbing plants and facade garlands will be provided in various places in the Provinciestraat.

Photo 1 © Renate Chede

Artists: Ama Koranteng-Kumi

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