Sam Vanallemeersch

DE MUUR (THE WALL) Sam Vanallemeersch

Sam Vanallemeersch, GIP

The Warande introduces a new program outside the regular exhibition rooms. Every six months , we will challenge an artist to fill the WALL. The first intervention was done by all-round drawer and illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch.

This artist uses the comic strip as his starting point, but doesn’t necessarily make them. Yet his images are worlds on their own. An image of Vanallemeersch is a sensory test. Exuberant and accurate at the same time. Sharp and not clearly defined.

The image that Vanallemeersch created in the Warande is an impressive fresco with numerous detailed actions and references to the wider pop culture. With GIP he makes his return to Turnhout where he grew up and went to school. GIP refers to ‘Geïntegreerde proef’, a big assignment at the end of high school.

Artists: Sam Vanallemeersch

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