Cleon Peterson

DE MUUR (THE WALL). Cleon Peterson

In the 'Witte Gang' (white hallway) between Expozaal and Kuub
Last summer Cleon Peterson presented his new exhibition ‘Blood & Soil” in Los Angeles. Now we can show some works of that exhibition to the Belgian audience.

Peterson links historical violent acts and contemporary violence in his country, the US. But his work is also about evolutions in Europe. Peterson is known as THE painter of sinister violence and fear. He only uses black, white, grey and bright red colours to emphasize the cruelties that he shows.
Petersons paintings are graphical. We see lively portraits of how powerful men oppress the weak with bloody physical violence. These series are as a warning against extreme nationalism. But also they criticize economical differences that cause the consolidation of autocratic power in the world of today.
The work of Cleon can also be seen at other locations in Turnhout.

Artists: Cleon Peterson

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