Karl Philips, Chloé Dierckx, Filip Dujardin, Sofie Van der Linden


The Exhibition Kempenatlas outlines the challenges of ‘de Antwerpse Kempen’, a region in the province of Antwerp. Architects, writers, visual artists and experts of all sorts present the many faces of ‘de Kempen’ trough maps, images, texts and objects.
For ages the sandy soil of ‘de Kempen’ has been a rich source for fresh, surprising ideas and projects. Whether it is soil improvement, agriculture or residential environments.
This exhibition-as-atlas is more than a navigation through the region. It’s spatial challenges also capture the imagination. In the ‘mapmaker studio’ you can share your vision on the region. Get lost in the maps and be surprised by the stories of 20 extraordinary places in ‘de Kempen’.
Throughout the exhibition artists Karl Philips, Chloé Dierckx, Filip Dujardin and Sofie Van der Linden (Artist in Residence) scan the environment of the Kempen. Their artworks reveal hidden gems like forgotten trade routes, personal histories and mental spaces.
The KEMPENATLAS is a book and an exhibition, both initiated by AR-TUR in collaboration with de Warande, University of Antwerp, Regionaal landschap Grote en Kleine Nete, Public Space, MUST cartographers, author Leen Huet and more than 30 local and academic experts. The project is supported by the Flemish Government, Province of Antwerp, Erfgoedcel Noorderkempen and Erfgoedcel k.ERF.

Artists: Karl Philips, Chloé Dierckx, Filip Dujardin, Sofie Van der Linden

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