Wannes Lecompte, Jozef Dumoulin

Different Pieces (Part 4)

Performance Different Pieces (Part 4) by Wannes Lecompte and Jozef Dumoulin starts at 17H
during the vernissage of Wannes Lecompte his solo show

What do the painter and the musician have in common?
Why does music get applause, but not the image? And why do we watch musicians as they make something, as opposed to only seeing the image when the whole process is complete?
Those reflections are the subject in ‘Different pieces’, a serie of performances where musicians are joining visual artist Wannes Lecompte to make abstraction of the performance.
Originated from a tremendous amazement for musicians, Wannes as a painter, has the privilege of being on stage with a variety of musicians to talk about music.

Artists: Wannes Lecompte, Jozef Dumoulin

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