Rebecca Jane Arthur, Chloë Delanghe, Eva Giolo, Christina Stuhlberger

Double Voiced

Double Voiced brings together the audiovisual work of four artists in a shared scenography. At the centre of their work is the observation of people, places and customs. The exhibition questions how self-images and identity are performed and constructed, and looks at the everyday habits and objects that define these images. It enters both domestic space and landscapes, listens to the human voice and nature, and cherishes female role models. Together, the artists’ works form a collective patchwork of voices. As a result, each of their protagonists is individually strengthened and socially and politically activated.

Just as the four artists support each other within their shared production and distribution platform, elephy, their works resonate with each other when presented in one space. They share a fascination for the materiality of film and the tactility of sound, contributing to the sensory atmosphere that colours the exhibition space. The playful, multifaceted scenography invites you to discover their individual artistic practices and explore the connections between them.


Double Voiced is a co-production of Kunsthal Extra City and CON10UR. The Contour Biennale for Moving Image in Mechelen is having its tenth edition and is moving outside its city limits for the first time.

Curators: Auguste Orts & Kunsthal Extra City
Scenography: Yuichiro Onuma

Artists: Rebecca Jane Arthur, Chloë Delanghe, Eva Giolo, Christina Stuhlberger

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