Amber Geuns


Art gallery Dewael 15 is proud to announce the first solo show of Belgian artist Amber Geuns.

Amber Geuns, born in 1999, is a Belgian artist working within the medium of painting and drawing. Amber lives and works in Limburg and recently obtained her master’s degree in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. During her third year at the academy she was given the opportunity to exhibit at the London Art Biennale of 2021. In addition, her works have also been admired several times in group exhibitions in and around the Antwerp academy. In 2022 she was awarded the Boghossian Foundation Prize.

Amber’s solo show Enlightenment, will be on view at the gallery from 13.05 until 18.06 and during the Antwerp Art Weekend from 18.05 - 21.05.

EXPO 13.05 — 18.06.2023

Artists: Amber Geuns

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