11.05.2019–12.05.2019 Extra Muros: FMC at Ghent Art Book Fair Frans Masereel Centrum

Dorothy Iannone, Pieter Vermeersch, Jean Glibert, Kendell Geers, Bart van Dijck, Jef Geys, Adva Zakaï, Erki De Vries, Pieter Huybrechts, François Curlet, Hans Demeulenaere, Honoré D'O, Vincent Geyskens, Tina Gillen

At 019’s and APE’s Ghent Art Book Fairin Kunsthal Gent, Frans Masereel Centrum will showcase some of its printed artworks.

May 11 - 12
Kunsthal Gent
Saturday: 12 - 20h
Sunday: 11 - 18h

Frans Masereel Centrum is above all else a residency space where international artists work and meet. In its extensive analogue and digital ateliers thousands of artist books, editions, prints and objects have come off the presses. Some of them by individual artists – from Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven to Leon Sadler –, some of them issued by FMC – works by Honoré d’O and Kendell Geers –, some of them made by the Centrum for graphic arts itself – art books for Jef Geys or silkscreen prints for Pieter Vermeersch’ new solo exhibit in New York.

Come say hi at Ghent Art Book Fair or browse our catalogue