Johannes Ulrich Kubiak

Extra Muros : SECONDroom, 'A Vacant Mind'

Johannes Ulrich Kubiak, 'A Vacant Mind'
Saturday, May 5, 18:00 - 21:00
SECONDroom, Terlinckstraat 30, 2600 Antwerpen

SECONDroom is a one evening projectroom. They invited the German artist Johannes Ulrich Kubiak for a solo project. Kubiak will present some of his smaller drawings, paintings, collages on paper.

In his research of form and color Johannes Ulrich Kubiak explore the act of painting and it's possible media, besides oil on canvas. In Kubiak's paintings the compositions are joyful dances of pure watercolor with a touch of goauche. The underlying figuration enables him to present painting for itself.

Johannes Ulrich Kubiak (°1961 D, lives and works in Berlin and Antwerp) his first shows in and around Germany consisted of oil paintings. In his drive to explore other media in the research of depth and layers further than the surface Kubiak's work shifted between 1992 to 2002 from painting to photography, working with Ludwig Rauch under the artist duo name Kubiak & Rauch. As well as in his painting he explored the transparency of layers and the use of different supports in the photographic process. These aspects of transparency and process are still present in Kubiak's aquarelles. The basis of his paintings are underlying structures he distillates out of his photographs he makes during his wandering through cities. Throughout his body of work the figure seems to disintegrate under the surface of the composition, leaving visible every brush stroke, one next to and over the other interfering and creating new relations of pigments. In a concentrated and slow process of transparent layers colours the figurations fade into variations of structures and vibrant colour.

Artists: Johannes Ulrich Kubiak

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