Faryda Moumouh en Paul Bourgeois

We are happy to invite you to a visual polyphony with two soloists: Faryda Moumouh and Paul Bourgeois.
Two equivalent voices where the recognition of the past is influenced by the way time is externalized.
Paul Bourgeois' recycled material that has stood the test of time agrees with the archaeological digging of Faryda Moumouh.
They both gather raw materials outside their studio.
The most important technical operation for Paul consists of meticulously and deliberately puncturing the shape into a tight pattern of thousands of perforations.
Faryda fills a sketchbook with keywords. They are anchor points that direct her gaze as she shoots numerous photos.
In Paul's case, the artistic figure is literally created by gushing his material outwards, giving the artwork an illusion of movement.
Faryda makes a cross-pollination between different layers and meanings, each image is the result of (de)constructing the first view and entering into a dialogue with other layers, materials and photos.
Two, at first sight, extremes navigate us in this rock-solid exhibition.

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