Finissage Current Affairs - Marc Vanderleenen

Marc Vanderleenen in conversation with Marc Ruyters in Hart:

"For example, I work a lot with sketches, on a beer mat or similar, like you explain someone the way to a certain place. Sketches are important when thinking about timelessness. If you look at works by Rafael, Pontormo, Titian and others, you see that their sketches all look alike, in contrast to the paintings as a finished product. The sketches are timeless, the paintings are more of the time itself. Especially if the figures are wearing clothes (laughs). I try to cherish and preserve that timelessness, that's why I let go more and more. It's difficult to formulate. But I do what I feel like doing. I find the unfinished sculptures of Michelangelo and Rodin, for example, more interesting than their final work.”

Images: Marc Vanderleenen - 2022 - olieverf op doek - 30 x 40 cm

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