17.10.2021 Finissage & Artist Talk Foreign Bodies & Prostheses Annie Gentils Gallery

Herman Van Ingelgem

Please be invited to participate at the guided tour in the exhibition "Foreign Bodies & Prostheses" by Herman Van Ingelgem on Sunday 17 October at 3 pm.


"Letter: to Herman Van Ingelgem (and to the visitors to the exhibition Foreign Bodies & Prostheses)
Oh! That’s not a particularly good word to start a reflection on an exhibition. But it’s a word that’s quite suitable as a response to the crumpled thinking with which we’re so often surrounded these days. Everything becomes the object of nothing, nothing becomes the object of everything. Recently I was in Herman’s studio and we discussed the difference between things and objects.1 Two words that in an impatient way of thinking can mean the same, but if we fold open looking and thinking, differences in meaning between the words appear, no matter how slight these may be. You should try it for yourself! What’s a thing? What’s an object? Personally, I relate most to the words things, thing, thingy, thingamabob... A concrete, but indefinite reference to something that is really there." Philippe Van Cauteren - Mechelen, 25 August 2021 (excerpt from Letter: to Herman...by Ph. Van Cauteren)