05.05.2018–27.05.2018 Floris Vanhoof. The Liquid Computer De Warande

Floris Vanhoof is fascinated by light and sound. With the necessary dose of wonder, he combines home-made electronic music circuits with old projection technologies and looks for ways to create new images with old media. His hybrid oeuvre paves the way through projectors, homemade instruments, installations and performances.
In de Warande Vanhoof presents 'The liquid computer', an exhibition with different installations, new forms and sounds, a book presentation and a discursive performance program.


05 May at 8 pm
opening with Spencer Clark
film projection by Floris Vanhoof
book presentation ‘The Fluid Computer'

19 May at 7 pm
bus tour Antwerpen-Turnhout (reservation necessary) with performance by Francesco Cavaliere
composition for a harmony orchestra by Lieven Martens
film projection by Takashi Ito

more info and reservation bus tour: glenn.geerinck@warande.be