An evening with Table Dance

Golden Power – Rave in the Fifth Dimension

For the next four Borger nocturnes, we invite Table Dance (Michelle Woods & Roman Hiele) to take over the Refectory – our project space overlooking the monastery garden. They will present a lively series of events, sometimes with guests who in turn become hosts, too.

Their first evening will feature a central sound system with live music and a live bar. Roman performs music, Michelle on the drinks. It’s about bringing people together to dance, to be together, to be in touch, and revive our lost intimacies. Lonesome no more! T-shirts will be provided for all staff members so visitors know who are taking care of them.

Table Dance was a restaurant and event space in Antwerp and is currently run nomadically. Roman Hiele is a composer and performer of electronic music. Michelle Woods is a cook and artist who was in residence at MORPHO in 2021.

Entrance via Kunsthal Extra City (Provinciestraat 112). Walk towards the end of the church and cross the garden.

Artists: An evening with Table Dance

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