Group exhibition FACE TIME

FACE TIME presents a large-scale selection of artworks so diverse, it makes us face age-old questions regarding portraits: What's the desired impression that an image like this is attempting to achieve? Is it to depict a person as life-like as possible, or to encapsulate their essence through a more complex visual language? What's the relation in-between the artist, the subject and the audience? Since the function of portraits is constantly changing, there have been a myriad of answers always fit for a given time’s cultural zeitgeist.

Partcipating artists: Manor Grunewald, Roy Mordechay, Kasper De Vos, Gongmo Zhou, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Viktor Mattsson, Carlotta Bailly-Borg, William Ludwig Lutgens, Jean Brusselmans, Nel Aerts, Ritsart Gobyn, Aneta Kajzer, Lucia Sotnikova, Sven ’t Jolle, Sarah De Vos, Keith Haring, Laust Højgaard, Antoine Goossens, Daan Gielis, Carole Vanderlinden, Henri Matisse, Beni Bischof, József Csató, Bruce Nauman, Sergio De Beukelaer, Tatjana Gerhard, Lysandre Begijn, Florian Tomballe, Judit Kristensen, Henri Van straten, Adriaan Marin, Frederick Heyman, Emma Verhulst, John Stezaker, Nicholas William Johnson, Jesse Van Dun, Karin Hanssen, Folkert de Jong,...

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