Guillaume Bijl, Leo Copers, Luc Deleu, Panamarenko

Group Show

KETELEER GALLERY is very pleased to present a new group show with Guillaume Bijl, Leo Copers, Luc Deleu and Panamarenko.

The exhibition focuses on 4 Belgian artists who have – each in their own imitable way – set a very particular tone for generations after them. Bijl (°1946. Antwerp), Copers (°1947. Ghent), Deleu (°1944. Duffel) and Panamarenko (1940 – 2019. Antwerp) could be considered new underdogs in an ever-accelerating world seemingly dominated by the young and the virtual. They are, however, the undeniable bedrock of our current visual art historical memory and understanding without whom the Belgian’s artworld would not have become what it is today. 4 exceptional artists who continue to inspire beginning artists, and continue to surprise seasoned art connaisseurs. Playing on this tension, the artist’s works are shown in the downstairs gallery space, alongside a solo exhibition by the young Rebekka Löffler (°1985. Freiburg im Breisgau, DE) on the ground floor, emphasising the gallery’s sense of dual responsibility to both emerging and established artists, and both its international and local aspirations.

Artists: Guillaume Bijl, Leo Copers, Luc Deleu, Panamarenko

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