11.03.2018–20.05.2018 Het Gouden Paviljoen - The Golden Pavilion De Warande

Lucia Bru, Leo Copers, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Edith Dekyndt, Danny Devos, Al Farrow( VS), Tatjana Gerhard (CH), Ori Gersht (IL), Geert Goiris, Gregory Green (VS), Athar Jaber (IQ), Sofie Muller, Renato Nicolodi, Tokyo Rumando (JP), Dries Segers, Marco Tirelli (IT), Hannelore Van Dijck, Jan Van Imschoot, Philippe Vandenberg, Filip Vervaet & Daisuke Yokota (JP)

The title refers to the book of the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. In the book there is a young man who becomes a monk. The temple of the monastery in which he is going to live is of an unusual beauty. This beauty becomes very confrontational and in the end he can no longer stand it and he burns down the temple.
The exhibition deals with the way beauty can sometimes be overwhelming. It speaks about the vulnerability of beauty. How transitory it is and how easy to destroy.