Vered Ben Kiki

In commemoration

In commemoration of Vered Ben Kiki we organize an exhibition with the opening on Sunday the 10th of July.
Join us to relish Vered's exceptional talent.
From 3 pm we are spoiled by the diversity in Vered's circle of friends through performances, spontaneous poetry and music.
In her lifetime Vered assumed that every object or subject lies as an entity on an intersection of universal properties.
She trained our eyes to hear and our ears to see, to give voice to signs and shape to sound.
Her oeuvre generously displays and shares a space that responds with humor and poetry to the times in which we now live and invites us into a universe of wonder, peace and renewal.

Dearest Vered, it’s been an honor and a privilege to be your friend.

Artists: Vered Ben Kiki

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