02.07.2021–08.08.2021 INBOX: ON (BOARDS) IN (BOX) - M HKA Quarantine Edition Selection M HKA

The ONBOARDS Biennale is the second chapter of the Billboard Project Antwerp. The first Billboard Project was initiated in 2007, showing 50 original artworks on the billboards in the Antwerp City centre. Subsequently, the Billboard Project evolved and presented every other year a broader approach towards the dialogue, exchange and understanding of art in public space. Crucial to its success has been the collaboration with diverse artists, galleries, the local and international experts in the art field, art schools and universities, and the ongoing support of various supporting partners.

In 2021 Billboard Project Antwerp became the ONBOARDS Biennale.
The biennale presents art prints from national and international established and emerging artists, artists from Antwerp Art Galleries, and art students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Sint Lucas Antwerp. The artworks are seen by a broad audience and reviewed by renowned gallerists, art advisors, curators and art publishers. As part of the exhibition, the ONBOARDS Biennale initiates lectures, audio tours, performances, indoor exhibits, and a public and professional art prize.

With the ONBOARDS Biennale, we aim to bring art closer to society, address the general public in their daily environment, and offer a possibility of participation for both artists, stakeholders of the art world and the audience. We believe that art is a communicative practice that contributes to the flourishing of all community members.
A billboard as street furniture can facilitate art, disseminate ideas, and become a meeting point of dialogue, culture, and education within the public space.