Jef Gysen & Bert Timmermans

Jef Gysen meticulously constructs his paintings, delving deep into the layers of paint to create works that teeter on the edge of the tangible. Rooted in observational painting, Gysen challenges classical thought, pushing the boundaries of figuration to reveal traces of the original theme on the canvas. His paintings speak to a pictorial reality that transcends traditional representation.
Similarly, Bert Timmermans explores the complex interplay between history and memory, inspired by the pioneering work of visual archaeologists Aby Warburg and Walter Benjamin. Using mixed media techniques, Timmermans reflects on the metamorphosis of reality, blurring the boundaries between media, image, and history.
Despite their differing approaches, both artists share a profound dedication to exploring the intricacies of visual expression and the transformative power of art. Their works challenge conventions and provoke thought, inviting to contemplate the dynamic relationship between time, perception, and artistic interpretation. Through their art, Gysen and Timmermans offer glimpses into rich and multifaceted worlds, where every brushstroke and collage fragment carries layers of meaning and significance.

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