William Ludwig Lutgens

Launch: William Ludwig Lutgens - Het Geïllustreerde Blad N°2

‘Het Geïllustreerd Blad’ (‘The Illustrated Paper’), will be launched during his solo exhibition at PLUS-ONE Gallery.
All of Lutgens’ motivations come together in this key piece; ‘Het Geïllustreerd Blad’ (‘The Illustrated Paper’) a ‘politically incorrect’ newspaper.
The second edition of ‘Het Geïllustreerd Blad’ is inspired by publicitary brochures and will have consumption, both of commerical products and of images, as its overarching theme. Lutgens questions our society, which is ruled by marketing and cloaked in an excess of perfect-yet-fake imagery. Related to that is his satirical perspective on the art world, which is equally more and more governed by marketing. His works also make the viewer their subject: how do we consume images, and specifically art? Lutgens subtly steers the viewer’s reading of his work, without giving any definite answers.

Artists: William Ludwig Lutgens

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